The first words on the Unscripted Podcast were spoken on September 2nd, 2020. Now, 200 episodes later, we are taking a minute to reflect.

200 times, I have said “Alright everybody, welcome to Unscripted…..”

200 times I have recorded, edited, posted, shared and promoted.

200 times a guest said “yes.”

What a journey. I am honestly a bit overwhelmed. This wasn’t supposed to be a thing.

“Unscripted” started with a heart to make a difference and bring something positive to a world that was on fire.

Episode One was with my good friends and former Columbus Destroyers (AFL Football) to discuss race and how we can be better, do better and change.

200 times I have been able to use the internet to provide a platform for guests, heroes and friends. The goal from the beginning was to provide “A stage, microphone and spotlight” for each guest.

Their stories are now yours. I just clicked record.

We have talked about race, cancer, life, death, faith, doubt, winning, losing, love and loss.

We have celebrated recovery, cried in the difficult, applauded accomplishments and prayed for healing.

We have introduced books, movies, websites, songs, albums, careers and retirements.

We have shared stories from the MLB, NBA and NFL.

We’ve met TikTok sensations and Grammy winning artists.

We’ve met future stars and those working hard to achieve their dreams.

I have met my heroes and been introduced to new ones.

My wife has listened to all 200 episodes. All 200 of them. She’s been my biggest fan, my critic, my audience and my support.

200 times my kids have heard me say “I just got” and “Guess who I’m interviewing.”

I’ve reconnected with High School friends and given public apologies that are long overdue.

I’ve pulled back the curtain on my own struggles, battles, pain, failures and victories.

I’ve cried. Oh have I cried. 200 episodes and I don’t even want to count how many of them I’ve cried.

I’ve made new friends that are now business partners and co-leaders in The Unscripted Collective.

I’ve seen so many supporters buy a shirt, hat, bag and other merchandise for something that I created.

I was told 2 years ago that “you don’t have a brand.” Each name, face, message and picture I receive means something.

It’s not just an order or merchandise.

It’s not about a brand.

It’s a statement that you all see, understand, believe and know why I do what I do. I will never, ever, forget that.

In 200 episodes, you witnessed me leave one job, and another one. You probably knew before I even did that my heart, passion and love was doing what I get to do now.


You’ve seen my background, tools, sound, social media change. Hopefully for the better.

The truth is that there is not enough space on the internet to tell the stories of the last 200 interviews and episodes. I genuinely mean that. I hope to share just a few of those in my book, if I ever get it written.

200 times I have thanked a guest and I meant every word.

200 times I have been inspired, lifted, fed and loved.

I often say that I don’t know who listens but I know the guy on this side of the microphone is ALWAYS a better person after each interview.

I don’t know how many episodes will follow 200. I hope it’s 200 more.

None of us know how many interactions, moments and opportunities we get in life.

What I do know is that 200 times, my cup has been full.

I hope you have loved each guest, story and conversation as much as I have.

After all, the stories are yours.

I just clicked record.

200 times.