MyUnscripted is proud to announce the creation of Unscripted Athletes.

What is Unscripted?

Unscripted is a podcast hosted by Aaron Conrad. Unscripted is about stories. It is a stage, microphone and spotlight to share your story. My team and I work hard to promote each episode before and after recording. It is our goal to get your story out to those within our reach and community. 

What are Unscripted Athletes?

Being a dad of athletes myself, I know how hard each of you work. The new NIL in the NCAA is bringing an even bigger spotlight to all of the big names. I decided to join the conversation too. Why not promote each of you through social media and, if you choose to, a podcast interview too? I want to use my platform to promote you! 

What do I have to do? 

I really only need your approval to share your profile as an Unscripted Athlete. I need a few pieces of information – nickname, College/University, year in school, major and your Insta (or whatever social media you choose). I also need a picture I can use for your announcement card. That’s it. If you do choose to do an interview, you can schedule that at It’s a zoom call and super easy. You just show up on zoom and I will handle the rest. If you want to add “Unscripted Athlete” with the headset emoji to your profile, that is up to you. I’d be honored to have you do that. 

What do I get?

Tricky question. As of today, you get to say you’re a part of the Unscripted Athletes Team. I am working on partnerships for my business and you have my commitment, if I get a partner that is willing to extend opportunities your way, I will pass them along. You also get the full support and efforts of my team to share you across all social networks. We will do our best to promote you throughout your season and share updates. We’re a platform for you. That’s what we do! My team is also building a web site to collect all of our athletes in one place. We will hyperlink your card/profile back to any links you would like. If you have a link for support, we’ll share that as well. 

I want to personally thank each of you for being willing to say “yes” to this opportunity! We’re here to work hard for you and get you seen across all of our platforms. We just launched this so I hope to have more information and possibly benefits over the next few months. You do you. We’ll handle the rest.

Current Roster of Athletes:

Adam Goodpaster – Baseball – Mount Vernon Nazarene University

Austin Conrad – Baseball – Mount Vernon Nazarene University

Cici Keidel – Softball – Ohio University

Kaitlyn Coffman – Softball – The Ohio State University

Drew Donaldson – Baseball – University of Indianapolis

Kayla Barnhart – Soccer – Trevecca Nazarene

Nick Dymek – Football – University of Dayton

Christian Sweet – Football – Wittenberg University

Chase Miles – Bowling – Mount Vernon Nazarene University

Emma Conrad – Track and Field – Grace College

Jessica Schmidt – Ballet – Orlando Company

Jackson Maynard – Athlete – Hilliard Davidson High School