In my 52 years on this planet I have had to say a final goodbye more times than I like to count. I don’t know why that is. I just know that on mornings like this one there are not words to make it better. There are questions I cannot answer. There is pain that will take time to heal. There is anger that needs a release.

I know the scriptures and the words we put in frames and hang around our homes.

They don’t seem to make this day easier.

I like to be an encourager to others. I believe we are here to hold a hand, give a hug, send a text and whisper words of encouragement to one another. We’re here to “love them like Jesus” and “stay by their side.”

Then there are mornings like this. There are moments of tears and anger and frustration and loss. There is a Christian movie that didn’t have the storybook ending. There is a song that didn’t have a proper chorus. At least not on this side of heaven.

I’ve spent the morning reflecting, wrestling, praying and trying to make it make sense. I heard one line from MercyMe that has stuck with me….

“Jesus don’t let this go in vain.”

That stuck out to me. I keep saying it over and over again in my head. I wanted to make sure I fully understood what they meant. I looked up the definition of “in vain.”

Jesus don’t let this go without success.

Jesus don’t let this go without a result.

That’s my charge. I know a lot of us are hurting right now because the man that received the ultimate healing this morning had a massive impact. His life was not without success or result. His time with each of us was not in vain.

Now it’s our turn.

What will you do with the impact he made on your life (I’m speaking to myself)?

Go do what he did. Go be the man that he was. Go be the husband he was to his bride. Go be the dad he was to his daughters. Go live your life of influence for Christ like he did.

Don’t let this go in vain.

I will miss you Stephen.

Save a place for me. I’ll be home soon.