Does your child have a bed to sleep in tonight? Did you know that there are children, likely in your own community, that do not. I record from Hilliard. There are children in my town that will not have a bed to sleep in tonight.

Episode 191 is with 4 individuals that want to change the score and that story in Hilliard, Ohio. They are a part of a larger organization called “Sleep in Heavenly Peace.” They were prompted by the mission and now bring that to our town. In this episode, I interview Anthony and Rachael Cable and Derrick and Kelsea Cozad. This was the first time I have interviewed multiple guests.

The Cables and the Cozads have been lifelong friends. They followed a prompting on an instagram post. Today, because of their efforts and hearts, children are sleeping in beds handcrafted by their organization.

As much as we don’t want to admit it or know it, there are children who are sleeping on a floor tonight. Whatever the reasons, Sleep In Heavenly Peace is changing that narrative. The Cables and Cozads began a chapter right here in the town that I record. Their story is powerful and there are so many ways for you to help.

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