Episode 196 is with my dear friend and fellow empath, Haley Widner (soon to be Stevers).

Haley Widner and I met about 6 years ago. Our first meeting was unique. I made fun of her sweatshirt because I thought she was a Duke fan. Actually she was representing her former University (JMU). Our friendship has weathered many seasons. We have both seen one another at our best and our worst. 

Today, Haley and I sat down to talk about the darkest season in her life. 

We did it to help others. 

We did it because she was willing. 

We did it because there is hope on the other side of your darkest valley. 

I cannot thank her enough for her friendship, her passion and her story. 

I cannot wait to celebrate her becoming Mrs Haley Stevers. 

Thank you my friend.