Episode 218 is with fellow podcaster Tripp Bodenheimer. 

Tripp Bodenheimer, the host of the Shadows Podcast and Rise From the Shadows. 

From his page – 

Every one of us has shadows. Our shadows follow us every second of the day. They follow us our entire life. It allows us to fit into and succeed in this world. Often, we tend to repress our shadow into the unconscious. However, our shadow contains our strengths and power. It’s a necessary aspect of us as a whole. We can either hide from or embrace our shadows.Here at the Shadows Podcast, we face our shadows head-on. We understand that our shadows are products of our upbringing and the obstacles we face. Please tune in to hear our guests discuss how they turn their setbacks, trials, and tribulations into triumphs and success stories. Every week our guests leave you feeling inspired.We have a diverse group of guests ranging from athletes, military members, actors and actresses, authors, entrepreneurs, regular everyday people. You may think, “I don’t have a story to tell.”, but you are wrong. Everyone has a story to tell, and this is your platform at the Shadows Podcast.