Episode 237 is with my good friend Kelsey Lensman. Kelsey returns to update us on ALL of the projects she is involved in. She is an athlete, speaker and entrepreneur. Her many activities include –

Her Podcast – The Arena with Kelsey Lensman

Her Empowher Events

KML Movement

Mission 48

Of all the events and activities, Mission48 is by far the most incredible and that is saying a lot. From her website –

I am going on a mission to complete 48 competitions in 48 states within 48 days, in order to inspire a movement of girls and women stepping out of their comfort zones, building confidence through doing hard things, and pushing their limits. During our journey, we will be hosting mini events in specific states, inviting women to join us, and bring awareness to ROX, Ruling Our Experiences, a 501c(3) that develops confident girls who control their own relationships, experiences, decisions, and futures. Will you be a part of this mission to empower women to build true self-confidence?

Find out more about Kelsey and support Mission48 at – KelseyLensman.com