Welcome to Episode 28 of the Mark Price For 3 Podcast. We’ve all been there. We’ve all heard them. Our favorite team loses. We listen to local sports talk or watch a sports channel. The coaches and players say cliches we’ve all heard before. We might even call our local sports radio and say them too. I’ve been that fan. What about the player’s view? What about the man that’s actually in the arena and games?

In this episode, we’re going to talk about perspective. I am going to give Mark a number of popular cliches and quotes from fans and press conferences. Mark is kind enough to give the player’s perspective of those common sound bytes. 

Stay around for point 3 because it happens in faith too. What about those phrases and quotes on social media, on t-shirts, and in frames around our house? They may or may not be in the bible. What happens when they don’t meet in real life?

We also discuss the Cavs, Warriors, Heat, and Mark’s upcoming basketball camps. For more information, visit – MarkPriceCamps.com