When it comes to our kids in both sports and life, we just want them to find their lane.

Yesterday my lovely bride and I spent the entire day watching two of our three children compete in their sports. They have found their lanes.


We began the morning at a sectional swim meet for our youngest daughter. She was in her element. Despite headwinds of controversy with her swimsuit (it said USA on it which is another rant for another day), she course-corrected and made her way through it. She figured it out. She borrowed suits and competed in a suit that wasn’t as effective as her original suit. She did her thing. She found her way.

After that swim meet, we traveled to a local bowling alley to watch our son compete in a tournament for his college. If you have followed me, our family, and the blog for any time you are probably saying “I thought your son was a pitcher.” You are correct. He was. In his senior year of college, he decided to shut down baseball, and bowling presented itself as an opportunity. So he took it.

Understand, he joined that team as a reserve. It was just something to do. He’s good but he partially chose the University he attends to be a pitcher and be the guy on the mound when the game was on the line.

Yesterday he was called into service due to some changes on the team that required him to be in the starting lineup. They needed him to be effective and bring value to the team.

I sat in that bowling alley and watched him bowl strike after strike. Spare after spare. He rose to the occasion. He did what he does. He wasn’t on the mound striking out the last batter but he was in the lane throwing a strike in his last frame.

Friends, let them find their lane.

We live in a world where we are TOLD so many things about how to raise our kids. We’re pushed to get them in this or have them in that.

We have been at this for nearly 23 years now. We are not perfect. We have made our mistakes. Here is what we know….

Let your kids find their lane. In life, in sports, in their relationships, and in their future.

Let them find their lane.

It might not be the one you had in mind. It might not be the one everyone else told you they should be in.

Let them find their lane.

It’s theirs and not yours anyway.