Several years (and several pounds for me) ago, my wife and I ran our first 4-miler on a Thanksgiving morning. I guess in some way, it made us feel a little less guilty for the food we would later consume that afternoon. Over the years, other friends have joined us and most recently, our kids have joined in. With finances not being what they used to be the past few years, we noted that the cost for these little races could reach as much as $200 for the entire family.

It was time to rethink Thanksgiving morning.

The last 11 years, we’ve mapped out a course around the house, made our own bibs and knocked out a little 3 miles around the neighborhood. Now before you think we’re out there timing ourselves and competing, Princess 2.0 usually rode her bike. There may have also been some walking involved. It’s not competitive. It’s time together.

So why keep all the fun to ourselves? 

11 years ago (10 without COVID) we thought we would extend the offer to anyone that would like to join us. This is a no frills, no expectations event. There will be no time (unless you want to time yourself with a watch), no banners or inflated finish line. We’ll still have a good time though. This is a B.Y.O.B event. What that means is BRING YOUR OWN BIB! Get creative. Have fun. There’s an example of what we made one year to the left.

We’ll kick off at Norwich Elementary School in Hilliard at 8:30am on Thanksgiving morning. You can park and leave your car there. From Norwich, we’ll go west on Davidson to Avery, make a right, go down Avery about 1/2 mile and then loop back. The sidewalk along Davidson and Avery is double wide so there is plenty of room. Here’s a course map:

Screen Shot 2013-11-06 at 10.59.31 AM

Now before you dismiss this as needing to be something you have trained for, this is a run/walk/crawl/bike event. No expectations. No training necessary. We’d rather spend the morning with friends walking than not have you attend. It’s about the time together and not the time on some clock.

Interested? Below you will find the facebook link with all of the details. We’d love to see you and your family Thanksgiving morning. Spread the word. Join us won’t you?

It is not required but if you bring canned food or donations, they will all go to the Hilliard Food Pantry.

Official Details: Free Family Turkey Trot

If you are interested in a “finisher shirt” for the trot, you can order one at the link below. All proceeds of the ATHELETE-ISH t-shirt go to the Hilliard Food Pantry.