One hill I will die on for our organization is that of family. We are a family. Our TEAM is a family. Those within each family of our TEAM are also family. We support, encourage, laugh, cry, win and lose as a family. Today, one of our family members has a birthday. Today we celebrate Cammi Uxley!

As we stated in our Unscripted episode(s), I met Cammi about 6 years ago. Over the past 6 years she has been like a member of our family. We have worked together and, as we were building MyUnscripted, she was my first choice. She is wise beyond her years. She is decisive, encouraging, strong and efficient. It needs to be said again that when I asked her what her title should be, she said….

Director of Keeping Aaron in line.

We are thankful for the time that she has been able to spend building our business as she continues to be an Assistant Coach at THE Ohio State University. Thanks to her efforts, we are growing and adding new accounts, partners and sponsors. We also celebrate that she will soon be available to give even more time to MyUnscripted.

Happy Birthday Cammi! We celebrate you today. Thank you for believing in MyUnscripted and keeping me in line.