The world is a bit crazy right now. Maybe the late artist George Michael was right. Maybe we should all be praying for time.


How are we doing?

No, seriously, how are we doing?

How are you doing?

Sitting down here on a Throwback Thursday and thinking about how I am doing.

We’ve got China sending balloons across the US. Our current President told us the State of the Union is fine even though no one I know is doing “fine.” Our enemies are docking their boats outside our borders. TikTok keeps telling me the world will end soon. People are hurting. Friends are passing away. My Facebook feed is full of friends saying goodbye to parents, husbands, wives, and their own children.

Maybe George Michael (and all his demons) was right.

Maybe we should be praying for time.

Time with our children before it’s gone and we didn’t realize how quickly it goes.

Time with our parents before we have the chance to realize what they were teaching us was right.

Time with our spouse that we threw away on something other than them.

Time with our friends that built us, held us up, kept fuel in our tank.

Time with strangers that needed us even though we didn’t know they did.

Time with a text we sent to that person that was on our heart and literally on the verge of ending it all.

Time to receive a message from a friend when you were on the verge of ending it all.

How we doing?

Maybe we should all be praying for time.

Time to finally beat that addiction that is crushing you.

Time to finally be free.

Time to exit the prison you feel like you’ve created.

Time to build that business that will change lives.

Time to love mom, dad, sisters, and brothers as I should have.

Time to hug a co-worker on a bad day.

Time to give more than I have for something greater than myself.

Time to show my bride why she is the one I would die for. Even to this day.

Time to be the dad maybe I wasn’t because honestly, I didn’t know what it meant to be a dad.

Time to thank a friend for the text, call, hug, or email because it got me through one more day.

Time to enjoy the sunsets and evenings around a fire pit.

Time to love someone that will drain me of all I have but needed it more than I did.

Maybe, just maybe we should all be praying for time.