Lynn Puzzo Photography

So, you are in love. A love you never knew was even possible, yet you hold it in your arms every day. You never, ever want to forget the way you feel right now. The rolls and hiccups in your beautiful, round belly. How that precious new baby melts into your arms. Their warmth, their sweet, intoxicating smell. (well, except when they need a new diaper, am I right?) Those tiny little toes, wrinkly little nose and chunky rolls – all of those delicious baby details that will be gone in the blink of an eye. From their first breath, their first smile, sitting up on their own, those first steps to their first birthday – that first year passes so quickly, in a blur of nighttime feedings and diaper changes. One day you will ache to remember what it feels like to hold this tiny, precious little bundle of love in your arms again, and the images we are going to create together will take you right back to that moment. I will help you remember this love you are feeling right now.