One of the two most influential voices in deciding to start my own business, Austin Savage is a friend, mentor and advisor. I am so thankful that he gave me the time to share his journey and his story. I am so honored to introduce him to this audience.

From his website –

Austin Savage
Austin has been creating “content” since he was a young kid. That passion for creating meaningful things developed into an expertise and love of content marketing. Fueled by coffee, he is passionate about leveraging writing, video, podcasting, design, and more to help your organization reach your goals.

Quick Facts:

  • Enneagram 3w2
  • Pretends to be organized
  • Biological, foster, & dog dad
  • Drinks too much coffee every day, gets a headache, but still hasn’t learned to drink less coffee
  • Believes peanut butter makes the world a better place.

I am so thankful for Austin and his mentorship in my life. Our site models his. Our mission models his. He was a huge part of building MyUnscripted and we believe in this episode you will hear why.

Thank you Austin. I am forever thankful for that hour conversation on the phone.

Find out more about Austin Savage and their services on his website here –