In this episode, Aaron goes Unscripted with Jen Hoening – Owner of Little Bean Embroidery.

About Jen –
As a parent we put so much time and effort into the name we give our child(ren), and to receive a personalized handmade gift with their name is something extra special. When Jen’s second child was born, she got a burp cloth with her son’s (somewhat unique) name embroidered on it… she fell in love with the idea, and the rest is history! What started off as burp cloths, bibs, and onesies… has evolved to that and much more! Applique towels, key fobs, dated ornaments, and the EXTRA special tshirt, baby clothing, and memory quilts. All hand made with love to last a lifetime!

Jen lives in central Ohio with her husband, and their 3 children. She loves embroidery, quilting, funky fun socks, music, snail mail, words and quotes, her community, listening to podcasts, crocheting, being crafty, and thrifting. Jen also has a ‘few’ facebook pages (other than her LBE FB page) which spotlight her passions. You are invited to check those pages out as well!

In addition to LBE, Jen runs the “Faces of Hilliard” facebook page which introduces members of the Hilliard Community making an impact. She has been a friend of the podcast, to our family and to me personally.

For more about Little Bean Embroidery visit her website –