In the very beginning of this podcast, an email to one company put huge wind in my sails. That company was Homage. I am forever grateful for their support and belief in a guy that was just trying to get something started.

Founded in 2007, HOMAGE turns back the clock with shout-outs to eclectic moments and personalities in sports, music, and popular culture. From Billie Jean King to Larry Bird, our clothing tells stories of triumph, individualism and hustle, preserving the old school and creating new legacies.

In Episode 90, I am joined by Mark Jaworski, Senior Marketing Manager for Homage. Mark is from Cleveland. His dad owns a polish sausage shop there. He attended THE Ohio State University and studied English and Education. He’s been with HOMAGE for 9 years and can’t wait for the day when Cleveland wins a World Series.

This is a great conversation about marketing, how Homage has found their niche and so much more. I am thankful they believed in me. I am thankful for his time. You can find our more about Homage and order their shirts at