The latest addition to the Unscripted Podcast is a true honor. Stacie Raterman is the Director of Communications for Hilliard Schools. We begin by discussing her early career in local radio and now her role in school leadership during a pandemic. I am thankful for her time and that Hilliard Schools has an open book policy. No question was off limits. This discussion gives us the opportunity to see “behind the curtain” on the difficult decisions that are made and continue to be made. We also discuss how the leadership of Dr. John Marshhausen and his team made a huge difference in the midst of this virus. I have so much respect for Stacie and the entire leadership team from Hilliard Schools. I am thankful for her availability and the time she dedicated to this podcast.

Key takeaways:

The situation continues to be very fluid and tough decisions continue to be made.

Dr. Marshhausen has the health and lives of 17,000 students and 2,000 staff members to consider every night when he puts his head on his pillow.

Resources are available for those struggling with eLearning and mental health.

The schools have no intention of keeping kids overnight, despite what you may have read or heard.

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Stacie Raterman Bio:

Stacie serves Hilliard City Schools as Director of Communications and has been with the district since 2013. She graduated from Ohio University with her bachelor’s degree in Communication with a Journalism specialization.  She earned her master’s degree in Communication from Ohio University. Stacie’s main responsibility is to openly communicate with parents, community members, and staff the message of our district.

Stacie and her husband Dan have two sons in the district.  Their family stays busy with hockey, soccer and Boy Scouts.

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